Election Results

How are results reported in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin does not have a statewide system for reporting unofficial results on Election Night, and there is not a central official website where results will be reported.  Results are transmitted from municipal clerks to Wisconsin’s 72 county  clerks, who are required by law to post unofficial results to their websites. Click here for a list of all 72 county websites.  

Election night results are always unofficial - winners are never certified on election night.

There are three steps to Wisconsin’s certification process. The first step starts once all ballots have been fed into the voting equipment and the polls are officially closed. The poll workers will convene what is known as the board of local canvassers. This activity is a public meeting that the media and public are welcome to attend and record what happens. Certification happens at the municipal, county, and state level. The state certification will occur after municipal and county certification, as required by law.  Learn more about how results are certified here.