Military & Overseas Voters

Permanently Overseas Voters

Am I considered a Permanently Overseas Voter?

A permanently overseas voter is a voter who resides outside of the United States with no present intent to return, or their return is uncertain. (§6.24(1))

How do I register to vote if I no longer live in Wisconsin?

A permanently overseas voter would register using the address where they last resided prior to permanently moving overseas. If you are a US Citizen who has never resided in the United States, you would register to vote using the address where your parent(s) last resided prior to permanently moving overseas.

I’ll be returning temporarily to the US for vacation/visit/work. Do I need to reregister as a non-overseas voter?

No. A temporary stay or visit does not change a voter’s residence for voting (§6.10(8))

My overseas residence/address has changed, do I need to complete a new registration to update this information?

No. So long as you have not established residence at another US address, a new registration is not required. If your overseas mailing address has changed, this information can be provided directly to your municipal clerk to be updated on your voter record.

How do I request to receive an absentee ballot electronically?

If you are registered as a permanently overseas voter, you can submit a request to receive your ballot electronically using the Vote Absentee by Mail process on the MyVote site. You will be able to choose to receive the ballot by email or fax from your clerk, or by directly downloading the ballot from the MyVote site. Requests to receive a ballot by fax or email can also be submitted by email to your municipal clerk and should include the voter’s name, registration address, the election(s) requested, email/fax number where the ballot should be sent.

Can I return my completed ballot electronically?

No. Wisconsin does not currently allow any absentee ballots to be returned electronically.(§6.87(3)(d)) & (§6.87(6))

I’m no longer permanently overseas, how do I update my status?

When you no longer qualify as a permanently overseas voter a new voter registration must be submitted, along with a valid proof of residence document, to update your status. If you already have a Wisconsin Driver License or State ID, with your current WI address on file with the DMV, you can complete the registration online by choosing the Update My Name or Address option.